always room to follow closer

About a week ago, a man gave his testimony to our church, along with an exhortation. He took us to Luke 22:54.

“Having arrested Him, they led Him and brought Him into the high priest’s house. But Peter followed at a distance.” 

Jesus had just been arrested, and instead of forsaking Him like most of the other disciples, Peter followed. But … he followed at a distance.

If I am trying to follow someone in a crowd while staying 20 feet behind them, it won’t be clear to the crowd who I am following. If someone is looking at me, they would not be able to tell me what color shirt is being worn by the person I am following; while they look at me they can’t see the other person at all. But, the closer I follow the person, the more the crowd can see of them. They can look at me and also notice what the person is wearing, how tall they are, etc. … and that I am following them.

Can the world tell who my leader is? Am I making it clear through my life that Jesus is my Lord? Or do people look at me and wonder where my loyalty lies?

I want those around me to know whom I am following. I want my allegiance to be clear. I have the privilege to follow the King of Kings. I don’t want to take that lightly. I want to follow Jesus closely, not at a distance.

There will always be room to follow closer.


4 thoughts on “always room to follow closer

  1. Hey Esther! I really enjoyed this post! It s very simple and practical challenge presented in an easily understood way. Thanks for the encouragement to follow more closely that which I wish others to see!


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