in which the redeemed tells of His mercy

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.
Let the redeemed of the Lord
say so, whom He has
redeemed from
the hands of
the enemy.”

God’s mercy really does endure forever. From the first sin in Eden, God dealt out His mercy bountifully. Adam and Eve deserved to die from the instant they took that bite – but God let them live. When Abraham was still in his own country, worshipping idols, he deserved to die – but God led him out of idolatry and made a holy nation out of him. When Samson broke his Nazarite vow, he deserved to die – but God gave him chance after chance. When Manasseh provoked God’s people to sin and set up high places to other idols, he deserved to die – but God accepted his humility and let him continue to lead God’s people. When Peter denied knowing Christ, he deserved to die – but God chose him to lay the foundation for His Church instead. When I told my first lie to my parents I deserved to die – but God granted me mercy. He withheld the punishment I deserved. And when I still sin, I deserve severe chastening – but He deals with me gently. When we are one day in heaven, we won’t deserve to be there, but rather in a lake of fire – but God will keep His promises of salvation to those who put their faith in Him, and He will joy with us as we adore Him. His merciful lovingkindness reaches past the stars. They are new every morning, like the sunrise. You can count on it.

In His mercy, He redeemed us. We were hopelessly caught in sin, gripped by the claw of the enemy. And we deserved to die. He is a holy God, we are sinful creatures; we deserve everlasting punishment. But He bought us with His blood, paid for our release. He now holds us in His gentle palm, scarred with the mark of the testimony of His mercy.

He does many wonderful, merciful works on our behalf. He gave manna to the Israelites when they complained. He heard their prayers when they were captives in Persia and delivered them from Haman’s schemes. He shut the mouths of lions, stopped time in its tracks when he made the sun stand still, relented from the destruction of the highly populated city of Nineveh, fed and encouraged a depressed prophet as he lay alone in the wilderness, touched blind eyes and made them see, raised the dead, healed sicknesses, pardoned iniquities – all for puny, insignificant, disloyal, ignorant, sinful creatures who were not worthy to stoop down to loose the strap of His sandal.

How merciful is all this?

I have not yet begun to talk of the mercy of Jehovah, the I AM. I have barely read the first sentence of the timeless story of His mercy that has no end. We cannot imagine mercy any better, any greater, any more perfect.

This is mercy, new mercy, bountiful mercy, beautiful mercy, perfect mercy, holy mercy, loving mercy, boundless mercy, overflowing mercy, gracious mercy, eternal mercy, God’s mercy.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.


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