About the 412 Project

I was born and raised and am still being raised in a Christian home with wonderful parents who love the Lord. A man held me when I was two months old and said “Repent, you little sinner.” Even from when I was a baby, I was hearing the gospel. I was a sinner, and had no way of earning my way to heaven. I was on my way to hell. But God in His mercy sent His Son to earth to become one of the creatures He had created. This Son, Jesus, lived a perfect life with no sin, something I had often tried to do but had always failed. Even though Jesus was perfect, and had no sin, He died a gruesome death to pay the penalty for mine. I didn’t have to pay for my own sin (an impossible task). I didn’t have to go to hell. Instead, I could go live with God in heaven, if I would but accept by faith this gift of salvation He freely offered me. I accepted that gift, and the moment I put my faith in Christ, He forgave me and I became a child of God. Now, although I still sin every day, I know that it is forgiven, and already paid for by my loving Savior, who rose from the dead and is in heaven, preparing a place for me.

Sometime after I got saved, a desire to serve the Lord began to grow. He has blessed that, and has given me many opportunities to serve Him. But it can sometimes be discouraging; not because I am incapable, but because there often seems to be less for me to do to serve the Lord than for an adult. I know this isn’t true; God used so many young people in the Bible to accomplish His will, and Satan would love to cultivate those feelings of discouragement and make me feel daunted or useless. He will use whatever he can.

But 1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Let no one despise your youth.” That “no one” includes myself. I know that I am not the only young person who has felt disheartened. I know that I am not the only one Satan tries to attack in this way. So I started this blog to encourage my peers who are wanting to serve our Lord. I am praying that it will do just that!


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